January 22, 2020

The love story I am going to share today is among my absolute favorite that I know.  And of course, this is just a little tiny sliver of it…a little piece to remember it all by, to remember the day these two officially became a family…but the story is so much deeper and wider.

It is the story of 2 people whom I have known for more than ten years, though one extremely well and one only a bit.  A story of 2 people who walked many paths and stories before finding the right one…stories they needed in order to know so clearly and immediately once they connected that they had found their match.  Casey and Kevin, as I mentioned in their engagement session post, are magnetic.  Both as individuals and as a couple.  They have so many similarities and interests, and yet balance each other so well.  And there wasn’t a single person at their largely populated celebration that didn’t completely adore them and also know the depth of their love for each other, because you can feel it within one moment of being around them.  The joy and happiness of both Casey and Kevin, and their families and closest friends was absolutely palpable, and it took my breath away time and time again.

I am so so happy for my best friend.  It was such an enormous joy to witness this part…this beginning…to the story of Casey and Kevin.  I had so much fun watching all of the planning of this day and giving thoughts here and there.  The style of the whole day was so very Casey and Kevin, and it was absolutely perfect.  We all stared and stared at the weather heading into the weekend, and on the day of there was a winter storm warning.  10 minutes before we were supposed to begin outdoor photos, the storm came in so we went to plan B and made it all work! Casey was the picture of calm and easy going this whole day, just so settled and happy to be marrying Kevin (and Kevin, as great at organizing as he is, of course was happy to roll with the punches!)!  It made all the adjusting so very easy.  But honestly, none of that mattered.  All that mattered was that these two beautiful people who are so right for each other were officially joining their lives with all of their favorite people surrounding them.  It was the sweetest day.

Just like Casey and Kevin, it was full of so much warmth, which is the very first word I would use to describe them both.

Casey’s amazing mother made her wedding dress (and the flower girl dresses and more!). These little blonde curls belong to my little girl, one of the flower girls in the wedding!! I always find editing with more black and white in certain situations, and one of them is “classic beauty”…and Casey is so much that to me.  Between her dark hair and gorgeous features, I had a hard time not converting every image.  Everyone who has ever met Casey, in addition to warm and magnetic, knows she is just absolutely stunning inside and out, and while she does not need the makeup and the hair and the dress to be absolutely beautiful, I have never seen her more beautiful than this day. Casey’s bond with her lovely mother is one that I hope to emulate with my little girl! They decided to do their first look on stage, a place that is very dear to them both as performers/directors, but also because it played a huge role in how they met!  These photos aren’t my typical style but I LOVE them so much.  I just love these girls!!!  And the flower rings!!! Looking good boys!!
My fabulous husband and also favorite second shooter Sarah snapped the photos that I was in and I am so thankful for them and how they helped this day!! Love this one so much! I have so many favorites! I started tearing up with my little one walking down the aisle here and didn’t end for a while haha! I of course take family photos at every wedding, but don’t typically share- but I just had to share this of Casey and her mama!!  And also a little favorite on the left of my girl and I recessing!
Mr and Mrs Kulavic!!! Now this?  This was my favorite part of the whole day.  My Casey is an extremely talented choreographer (which is how she and I first really became BFFs) and an amazing dancer, and this was just the most lovely, filled with personality, and well executed first dance I have ever seen.  I LOVED seeing these two in Casey’s element together!!!  Casey and Kevin, I LOVE you both and am so so beyond happy for you!  I am so glad you found each other in this world, and we are ALL better for it!

To view Casey and Kevin’s beautiful downtown summer engagement session, click here !

Ceremony Location: St. Joseph the Worker

Reception Venue & Caterer: Arlington’s

Florist & Hairpiece: Petaled Pail

Wedding Dress Designer: the incomparable Tracy Tester, mother of the bride (she made the flower girl dresses too, and so much more!)

Bridesmaid Dresses: eShakti

Groomsmen Attire: Jos. A. Bank

Hair Stylist: Pam Garcia

Makeup Artist: Alex Glover with Agape Love Spa & Salon by Laurie

Band: Felix & Fingers

Desserts: Callie Bakes

Officiant: Deacon Greg Maynerich

Invitations: Tracy Tester & Corey Tester


  1. Sherri Zara says:

    As usual Jill these are so beautiful. Casey you are just stunning.

  2. Pamela Ward says:

    So beautifully photographed and designed and spoken. Tears are flowing at this moment. Thank you so very much …. I saw Tracy and Barry marry and I knew their love would continue to grow and that their children would love dearly. And all three have .., we are all very fortunate to have them in our lives …and Kevin and his dear family are as special as Casey’s. Love love love ❤️ love ❤️

    • Jill says:

      Thank you Pamela!! <3 You are right that both Casey and Kevin have had such beautiful examples of the love they have for each other laid out before them...so much joy and happiness for them all!!! <3

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