February 5, 2020

So…I know that 2020 has been going for 30 something days now, but our exterior Christmas decor is still up (with the exception of 2 days, it has been way too cold to deal with that…so yes, we are those neighbors!  Don’t worry, we aren’t still turning on the lights at least….but maybe that would make it better!).  SO because we are still slowly adjusting to 2020 here in our house…I’m considering it completely normal that I am starting my best of 2019 posts now!  I absolutely love compiling and sharing these posts because this work just means so much to me…and seeing some of my favorite images all lined up one after the other makes me so happy!  I also have really enjoyed these posts over the year because I feel like they have really shown my growth as a photographer.  I try really hard to shoot with great consistency, so that whether my couples and families get a sunny, rainy, or icy day, whether someone is in a bad mood, whether they couldn’t find a shirt in the exact color they wanted or all the leaves have fallen from the trees…none of that really matters because my photos are consistent regardless.  No matter where they are taken, what time of day, and what the circumstances are…I want my clients to get the photos they see on my website and social media that they picture themselves in!  And besides… I don’t really believe any of that stuff is what great photos are about anyways…and these posts remind me of that!

So here are my FAVORITES from my 2019 engagement sessions…I just adore each of these couples so so very much and can’t wait to shoot the rest of their weddings in 2020!


2016 wedding portfolio 144

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