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If you follow along with me closely at all, I know you’ve heard something about the Photo University from me.  It has been one of the biggest parts of my business during the past year, and is a HUGE passion project for me because it combines both my loves: Photography AND teaching!
However, I have been working on a way to share a little more about what learning photography from me online is like, since that is what the Photo U is all about…so I’m super exited to share today that I have created a 5 Minute Photo Fix video, in the style of the Photo U lessons (which are about 12 times as long as this PER MONTH!) to help you take better photos of your kids with ANY camera with tips you can put into place immediately!!!  Wanna check it out no strings attached?? Here it is!

So…what did you think?  Along with this video, I am also offering, for a limited time, a free 10 day TRIAL of the Photo U!  It requires no credit card to sign up- just your email so the content can get sent to you, and you will have 10 days to check out the first months content and see if you like the style.  This allows my students to check it out before they decide to sign up and purchase (and you can sign up monthly if you are worried something will come up later in the year that would prohibit you from being able to stay a whole year!).  My trial members are loving it and staying with me after and I think you will too– but if you have been curious about it all and enjoyed this video, this is a GREAT way to make your final decision before the Photo University closes registration for a couple of months!

And if you are looking for more info, you can check out the full site devoted to the Photo U HERE or keep reading below!
The Jill Gum Photo Universitis an opportunity to take a journey with me that isn’t just one afternoon of learning.  It is an online membership where we cover new topics related to your photography each month of the year (starting with Shooting in Manual!) and learn together how to truly take the types of photos you dream of in any situation!

Each month will focus on a specific topic related to your photography.  We will cover:

  • Shooting in manually (including camera settings, focus, white balance, and so much more)
  • How to shoot in all types of outdoor light (shade, bright sunlight, daytime, evening, sunset, etc)
  • Shooting indoors
  • How to achieve beautiful composition
  • What to look for within your editing software to edit your images (and how I edit mine!)
  • How to tell the story- make your pictures look like the moment feels!
  • Photo organization and management (what do you do with your photos AFTER you take them!)
  • Posing and guiding your subjects to catch the real moments
  • So much more bit by bit each month (you get access to each month 30 days after the previous so you have a few weeks to watch, learn, and practice!).

In learning about these topics each month, you will gain a much fuller understanding each of these topics, and how they work together to create gorgeous photos.  We will cover the easy situations, the hard situations, and everything in between.  The membership course is delivered 100% online, and each month will includes a 60 minute video of me teaching the content (often while photographing live), a PDF or worksheet to go along with the video, and a Live Online Q+A session with me in the exclusive Facebook Community (where you can have access to me throughout the month for continuous guidance!).

This is class is for the busy mom, student, or hobbyist who doesn’t have the TIME to commit hours and hours in one setting to learn how to use their camera.  Learn on your schedule, in your ideal timeframe, and watch again and again for the price of just a couple of coffee drinks a month.

You might be wondering how much it would cost to get online education, on your own time, delivered to you monthly to help you take your photos from this (from one of my sweet students):


It will cost the same amount it costs to get a couple fancy Starbucks drinks a month.  The Jill Gum Photo University will cost only $21/month (down from $27 last year!)!!  You can choose to pay for a full year upfront and get one month for free, or pay monthly.


I’m  just so excited about this because I have spent a full year watching this content transform the photos of so many moms and hobbyists…and now it could be you too!

And the BEST PART?? When you join today, you also get IMMEDIATE bonus access to my Mastering Manual Mini-Course, where I teach you exactly how to shoot in Manual instead of Automatic on your camera, and use your settings correctly so that you can make the decisions about your photos instead of your camera thinking for you! You don’t have to wait at all to learn– the content will be available to you immediately upon sign up (in addition to the first month’s content)!  This is a 1.5 hour class where I teach everything you need to know to shoot in manual!

This membership is for the mom, camera enthusiast, grandparent, or nature lover who wants to learn to photograph better!  We will cover a lot of topics related to photographing your kids, but also so much more for those who fit into another category.  It is REAL education for REAL life, where you don’t have time to sit in a physical space for hours on end, or watch a hugely long course within a specific time span. You can watch it on your own time, when you can, and rewatch as you need for review throughout the month!  It is education for any level and any type of photographer who wants to improve their photography…whether you are using your cell phone, a point and shoot camera, or a DSLR! It is for you!

Click HERE to learn more about the membership, but also feel free to shoot me an email at in the mean time with any questions you might have.

You can also click HERE to see testimonials from past students who learned this same content!!!


Here are a few more before/after shots of my students who have learned just a fraction of the content that is taught in Jill Gum Photo U!  Many of these before and after photos are of the SAME subject…just after my students learned how to use their cameras!!  I’m SO PROUD of them!!!

Do you want these results too?? You can photograph like this for just $19/month!!


Click HERE for a post with lots of FAQs about the Photo U!

Edit your cell phone photos with just ONE click to either "fix" an issue or add beautiful "flair" and style to your photo!

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