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LOOKING FOR AN EASY, SAFE ACTIVITY WITH YOUR KIDS? Mamahood | Scavenger Hunts for Families

Deep breaths…what a month this is turning into.  As someone who is prone to anxiety, what I am finding is that time on social media or watching the news, as we could all guess, is not very helpful (though does help me feel connected in some ways).  What I do know is this: Action helps my anxiety, big time.  When I make a plan (whether I follow it or not) and keep my mind and body busy, I feel so much better.

I’m overwhelmed with home schooling while needing to work from home with my kids.  One or the other? I absolutely can do that.  Both is very challenging for us.  We also are on-the-go people for sure.  I can probably count on 2 hands the number of times in the last 8 years since becoming a mother that me and the kids have spent the whole day at home.  Less than 10.  So this is a big change for us!  So I am trying to focus on some action and activities that are safe in our current environment and will allow us to mimic some of the things we loved to do daily, or activities for when we get to the we’ve “been there done that” with everything else.

My kids love a car ride, and it’s a place that is safe from germs for us all– so I have also made 2 Scavenger Hunt Lists for parents to take on car rides with their kids! I put in a variety of items that I think will work for 3 year olds all the way up until they are way too cool for this activity (though I’ve found even with older kids, it’s all in how you present it)! So I wanted to share those with you today. Totally non photography related, but just a parenting resource because I know a lot of you are parents (though if you really want to up your game, you could have your kids take photos of the items as they find it on a phone so that you can “track” them all…hey, maybe it will take a few extra minutes of the day up!).

Click HERE to download the Walking Scavenger Hunt.

Click HERE to download the Driving Scavenger Hunt.

I hope this is an activity you and your kids can do that is fun, easy, and low commitment activity! I know that I personally, as I am seeing all the schedules and learning ideas and websites offering online learning, can feel overwhelmed and like a major #momfail before I even begin! This is an easy win for you, mamas! Even if you don’t have a printer at home, you could pull it up on your phone and glance to tell your kids just 1 thing at a time to find and wait until they all find one to move on! There are lots of ways to use these, and I hope they are helpful for you!

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