March 18, 2020

Honestly, I’m not sure where to even begin with this story, and for a totally different reason than ever before.  But before I even give that situation credit, I just have to say that this wedding combined 2 people who I just think are genuinely beautiful, joyful, kind, and deeply loved people who have known each other for SO long and waited a very very long time for this.  Before anything else happened, it was already going to be an incredible day truly creating a beautiful family that has already been loving each other for years.

Kristyn and Dustin got a call 36 hours before their wedding day that their venue might be closing due to Covid-19.  Within a couple hours, it was official…they had to move their 260 person wedding somewhere else.  Their marriage license was for one county, their best possibility for a new location was in another, and there were so many details beyond the fact that they had been planning their day a specific way, exactly as they wanted, for so long.  But what happened next was pure magic, mixing the beauty and love of their small community and the commitment of their families and loved ones.  12 hours later, I was at the new reception venue to touch base with Kristyn, a beautiful large shed 45 minutes away in a different county than their original celebration was planned.  There were 20 people there already by 9 AM, hanging lights and moving tables and chairs and getting to work…it was truly beautiful to see.

Kristyn and Dustin got married in the front end of an enormous pandemic quarantine situation, and they did it after moving the entire reception in under 36 hours for just under 300 people.  It’s honestly amazing.

And you know what? It was a perfect day.  

The weather was mostly rainy and windy…but it broke for enough time for us to get beautiful photos outside.  And from the moment I arrived and saw Kristyn, there was absolutely nothing that could dampen her day.  Nothing…she was finally marrying the person she had had a crush on for almost half her life!  Nothing else mattered!  And that continued through every party of the day, in every interaction.  It was truly an absolutely beautiful day.

have to take a minute to talk about the vendor team at this wedding.  Everyone I came into contact with went above and beyond to try to help with the last minute move and accommodate in any way possible, and it was really beautiful to see.  I loved all of Kristyn and Dustin’s choices, and it all just worked out so so well. And also, brides– if you are looking for a place to do hair and makeup/get ready and dressed for your wedding day, The Gallery of Springfield worked SO SO well!  It was bright and spacious and beautiful- I highly recommend it!

And now- for a few of my many new favorites.

Kristyn, you are STUNNING! First look!!! Sometimes, more than 2 become 1… These girls and little man giggled their way down the entire aisle- it was the cutest thing!!! I have SO many favorites… I mean, how about these squad goals!??? Kristyn and Dustin, I ADORE you guys and I truly will never forget this day- but not because of the pandemic…because of you two and how you and your loved ones came together in the most beautiful way.  Full gallery coming soon!!

To see Kristyn + Dustin’s gorgeous farm engagement session, click here!

Venue: Wankel Farms

Wedding Planner:  Cindy Millburg (this woman moved a huge reception from one location to another due in just 36 hours…she’s amazing!)

Florist: Petals & Co.

Dress: Chic Nostalgia from Girls in White Satin

Bridesmaid Dresses: Bill Levkoff from Girls in White Satin

Groomsmen Attire: Men’s Wearhouse

Videographer: Levi Kirby

Hair & Makeup Artist: Bryn from The Gallery of Springfield

DJ: Sean Lynch with Radio Pro DJs

Caterer: Hamilton’s Catering

Cake: Tama’s Treats

Transportation:  1UP’N Limousines and Party Buses

Invitations: Etsy and The Petersburg Observer

Officiant:  Pastor Jame Hahs


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