May 20, 2020

The very first day Sangamon County photographers got official news that we were allowed to be doing outdoor sessions as long as we were photographing small groups and observing social distancing guidelines, I reached out immediately to Jordyn! She is a past student and client of mine (see her long time favorite of mine HS senior session HERE.).  Jordyn had reached out to me a few weeks before asking about a session to commemorate her college graduation since she would not get to participate in an official in person ceremony due to the Covid-19 pandemic.  My heart went out to her immediately…as primarily a wedding photographer, my mind and heart has really been with my couples through this who are rescheduling and replanning again and again.  But as a mom? It’s the students, especially the graduating ones, that have kept my heart and mind occupied.  It is just such a hard time for everyone.

So I was excited and thrilled when I realized we could safely and legally get together to do her session- and we planned for right away!  I did her session at the end of my first day back behind my lens in weeks and weeks, and it was so so sweet.  Jordyn finished her college career while working a full time job- the same one she will continue now post-degree.  She is a total ray of light, she is positive and accomplished and hard working and so so fun.  Her mom, her, and I traveled around the campus and it reminded me so much of her first senior session and our time together then.  I just absolutely adore Jordyn and know she is going to do such AMAZING things in life!! This hat throw was attempt 2… the first didn’t work out so well, but I will just keep that story between Jordyn, her sweet mama, and I! She is so truly beautiful inside and out!

Congratulations beautiful Jordyn! I can’t wait to see ALL that is next for you!


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