June 29, 2020

HAPPY BIRTHDAY, KYNDELL!!! I am posting this on this beauty’s 30th birthday!! I have photographed 2 of my most creative, fun sessions of the year with this beautiful, strong business-owning woman and I am so thankful for both experiences!

Kyndell knew she wanted to do something fun and big for her 30th birthday, and reached out with some ideas about this session.  It was an absolute blast from start to finish!  Cake, champaign, confetti, balloons, poppers, tulle, and a beautiful dress and crown she made herself (in a matter of hours none the less)…she has no shortage of creativity and talent!!  She is actually holding a sale TODAY only for her boutique- you can find the fb page HERE!  Kyndell offers so many services as a part of her business that I am going to share about in another post with her Branding photos we did a couple months ago, so for today– let’s just celebrate HER!  I truly could not love these photos more, and think EVERYONE deserves to be celebrated like this in their life!

Kyndell is such a brilliant mix of fun and goof and glam and light…she is so fun to be around!

Happiest of days to you, Kyndell!!! Here’s to 30– you make it look good!!!!


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