June 26, 2020

If you could take every single detail of babies that people saw “awwwwwww!” about and wrap them up into one child…it would be Logan!  Fluffy hair, chubby legs, cute expressions, a little butt scoot to get around…feature after feature is just absolutely adorable and I cannot get enough of him!  He is a snuggler, yet smily and interactive…he can be sweet but is definitely a little comedian…he is such a lovely mix of features and big personality characteristics, and I know he is just going to become the most FUN little toddler so son!  And his parents just adore him– how could they not!?  It is so clear that they delight in him all the time, and it is so beautiful to see!

And somehow, suddenly, this little guy is ONE!  This year with him has flown by and I truly hope I get to continue photographing this family and watching them grow for a long time into the future!!

Look at him!!
I just had to include this, fuss face and all!

Full gallery coming soon, S family!!  HAPPY (late) BIRTHDAY, Logan!! This session was ON his first birthday!!

To see Logan’s newborn session, click here, and click here for his 8 month session!


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