July 8, 2020

I drove down a dusty country road through the taller than knee high corn (a place I have become so comfortable and fond of) to a beautiful white farmhouse on the left (another thing I have fallen in love with lately!).  In the huge shadows of the large front yard trees were hay bales covered with gorgeous quilts, enough to seat 45 spaced and safe, and a gorgeous Arbor in front of it all, weaved with sunflowers.  It immediately felt right to me.  Peaceful, serene, beautiful, and perfectly simple.  It was, after their plans had to change, where Ellie would marry Ryne, in her parents front yard.  It was perfect.  

I chose a wedding just about like this…mostly family and a few close friends.  So it speaks to me in a way I can’t quite put into words yet.  As of now, I think this is our last really small wedding that was a change in initial plans, and while I will not miss the time my wonderful couples had to scramble, make new plans, and sacrifice what they wanted, I will deeply miss these small personal ceremonies that are all about family- because that is who is there!  It really has moved me, and made me feel a part of something unusually special these past few months.

And Ellie and Ryne’s wedding was no exception.  Filled with personal touches, from gifts and surprise decor that carried enormous meaning to the couple, to Grandma joining in the daddy daughter dance, the moments that took my breath away were endless.  It was the perfect summer evening for Ellie and Ryne to choose each other forever– and I can’t wait for the big party next year!  Here are just some of my favorites.

Their two darling dogs were their wedding party, and spent most of the ceremony (especially this one!) at their feet- it was BEYOND sweet! Look at Bear below!! Ellie, you are so beautiful! I could not love these more!!!

Congratulations Ellie and Ryne!  I am THRILLED for you both!! Full gallery coming soon!

To see Ellie and Ryne’s beautiful summer engagement session, click here!

I can’t wait to share so much more next year after their big celebration!!


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