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MY BIGGEST SALE OF THE YEAR STARTS TODAY!! Black Friday Photography Resources Weekend Sales!

I am SO excited to announce that I am running my FIRST EVER BLACK FRIDAY SALE this year!  Throughout the weekend, a different part of my shop will be on sale.  And when I say on sale…I mean it.  These are the lowest prices these courses, presets, and templates have ever been offered (and the sale includes 1 TOTALLY NEW course I have never released before!)…with sales up to 70% off!  

The ups and downs of the last 2 years have left a lot of us feeling overwhelmed and quite honestly…we all deserve a WIN in 2022!!!  

The products on sale this weekend will help you if you want to:

  • Finally take the photos you have always dreamed of taking
  • Never again struggle with bad lighting and color
  • Edit your photos quickly and efficiently
  • Run a business that gives you the life you DREAM instead of letting your business run you
  • Learn how to build your business while focusing on what will actually GROW your business (and not everything else)
  • Experience confidence at EVERY session (or every time you get your camera out to photograph your kids!)
  • Learn how to actually USE that camera that sits on a shelf gathering dust to photograph your life
  • Take print and share worthy photos with the most easy camera to use– your cell phone– and get it right EVERY time!

and so much more!

So, what are the details?


For a super limited time (TODAY ONLY), my most popular and purchased Photographer Resources are ON SALE in the store!  These courses and templates are being offered at the LOWEST prices they have EVER been offered– up to 70% off!!!

Business Builder Course: This course is a 6-module blueprint designed to transform your photography side-hustle into a profitable and sustainable business without any guesswork!  This course is for those just beginning or wanting to grow in the early stages of their business.

Business Bootcamps: The Business Bootcamps are quick, easy-to-digest 1 month bootcamp lessons for the growing business owner to help PROPEL your business forward and book the clients you dream of!

Jill Gum Photo University: Learn how to shoot like a 6-figure photographer in my Signature 24-Module Course that covers everything you need to know to take beautiful photos your clients will RAVE about every single session and wedding!

Outsourcing for Creatives Course: Ready to hire some help in your business so that you can have your life back?!  Learn my complete A to Z system for outsourcing including what to outsource, who to hire, and how to set it all up so that you can find JOY in your business again!

Live 1-on-1 Editing Tutorial: Struggling with your editing in LightRoom? I will edit through your images with you, helping you achieve your style and consistency in a live Zoom call!

Just use the code “BlackFriday1” to grab the Black Friday discounts!  This code will ONLY be valid on Black Friday until midnight–then it expires for good!!

And today’s DOORBUSTER sale is my Family Session Guide Canva Template for a whopping 70% off…making it LESS THAN $20!  This is the EXACT template I use (wording included) to help all of my portrait clients prep for their sessions- you can use my words and just swap out the images to your own!  This guide will NEVER be on this much of a sale again!  Click HERE to grab it!


On Small Business Saturday, my most popular and purchased MOM Resources will be ON SALE in the store!  These courses and templates will be offered at the LOWEST prices they have EVER been offered– up to 70% off!!!

So…what’s on sale SATURDAY? 

Jill Gum Photo University: Learn how to take beautiful, meaningful photos of your kids, travels, and life in this 24 module comprehensive course that teaches you everything you need to know to use your “fancy camera” in any situation!  

Cellphone Photography Course: A 1.5-hour video course designed to transform your pics from “just a cell phone photo” to beautiful, bright, album-worthy pictures.

Organizing your Family Photos Module: This mini-course is a snipped from my Photo University that talks about organizing/backing up/printing your “fancy camera” kid photos, including schedule ideas and templates to stay on top of it all!

And a new course releasing on Saturday…

Photography for Moms 101: This course is basic introductory course to using your “fancy camera” (Dslr or mirrorless camera) to take beautiful photos of your kids and life!  For those who want a simple path to taking better photos today than before!!

And Saturday’s DOORBUSTER sale will be my Mastering Manual Mini-Course for a whopping 60% off…making it LESS THAN $50!  This video course will teach you all you need to know to begin to shoot in manual with your DSLR, mirrorless camera, or point and shoot camera (DSLR recommended!).  This course will NEVER be on this much of a sale again!   Click HERE to grab it first thing on Saturday!

Just use the code “Small-Business-Saturday” to grab these huge discounts! This code will ONLY be available on SATURDAY until midnight! 


Sunday’s sale will include my PRESETS!  My presets are my MOST popular store product!  These presets will be offered at the LOWEST prices they have EVER been offered– up to 70% off!!! These preset packs are the EASIEST way to edit your photos FAST with a free app on your phone (and ALL the details/help/how-tos that you need are included)! It takes about 10 minutes to set up the first time only- and then SECONDS (literally, 1 click!) to give your photos a clean bright beautiful edit so you can share and print them in a hurry!  

Fix+Flair Presets: Say goodbye to dark and BLAH phone pics and hello to the bright, dreamy, beautiful photo edits with JUST ONE TAP!

Fall Presets:  Add that Cozy Warm fireside feel to your fall photos with just one tap!

Just use the code “SAVEONSUNDAY” to grab these huge discounts! This code will ONLY be active on SUNDAY until midnight!

So set those reminders on your phone so you don’t miss your opportunity to grab these amazing deals!!  I’d hate for you to wait too long, miss this Black Friday weekend sale, and pay full price down the road my friend!  

Edit your cell phone photos with just ONE click to either "fix" an issue or add beautiful "flair" and style to your photo!

JILL GUM Everyday
Fix and Flair Presets



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As a past high school teacher, I have a major heart for education. After going full time in my business, I have built a business I love that gives me an almost 6 figure salary and allows me to be home part time with my kids.  I dream for you to run a business that enhances your life and lights you up, and I believe I can help you learn how to do it with a little hustle and a lot of heart!

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