September 26, 2019

Sweet little Cecilia and her 2 biggest fans (aka mom and dad) met me a couple of weeks ago for her 4 month session and I could not believe how quickly the time had passed since her newborn session (I’m a broken record with that statement, I know!)!  It seems like just the other day I was photographing her with her darling fur siblings!

You guys, sometimes the 4 month session can be a little tricky.  Typically, at that age, mom and dad know that baby can smile and sometimes “on command”, and they know their sweet little babies so well in their regular environment.  But sometimes out and about at 4 months and trying to get a baby that little to smile for a camera that isn’t right near them can be hard!  But little Cecilia was about it!  She was so patient and excited, even on a hot morning, and did so well! Until she got tired, and even then, she was a champion.  You will see when that happened!

I LOVE seeing Adam and Megan with Cecilia.  Just like her newborn session, it is as if they have been together all along.  They are such naturals with her and make it all look easy and so full of joy– and as a mom who has done the newborn thing a few times, I know it isn’t all easy!  They are incredible together.  Here are my favorites from Cecilia’s 4 month mini-session!  Full gallery coming soon!

To see sweet Cecilia’s adorable newborn session (she slept WONDERFULLY the whole time!!), click HERE!


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