September 18, 2019

15.  This is the 15th wedding I have photographed of past students of mine, students who I taught, directed, and adored.  Dana is one of those students (and Tim too though I never had him in my class) and what an honor it was to photograph their day.  These two knew of each other in high school- but it took them quite  a bit past that to get to know each other (and then they fell in love pretty quickly).  And I was touched over and over again on their wedding day by how clearly affectionate they are for each other– it is so visible in every interaction they have that they just absolutely love each other.  Which of course is what you hope and dream for every wedding day!  And they have it in spades.

Their loved ones each talked about what an ideal match they were during the toasts.  A match that just makes sense.  A perfect compliment to each other’s personalities, eccentricities, and lives.  And I see it so visibly in them. I shared this on social media, but there were many specific moments of the speeches that grabbed my heart (including when Dana’s dad asked Tim to take care of his little girl).  But my very favorite was when Tim’s mom was speaking of the cultural traditions of their family, and how by tradition, she and her husband would have picked Tim’s bride for him.  She looked at Dana, and without hesitation told her that even if she had the choice of anyone, she would  have chosen her.  And everyone there knew it was true.

Dana and Tim are gorgeous together, inside and out, and they make each other better.  This truly was a new favorite wedding– everything just came together perfectly and I love these favorites!

First look time!! I LOVE a weeping willow and could not love these photos more!! My Michael took this beautiful image! 4 past students I absolutely adore and spent SO MUCH TIME with, and all #JillGumBrides!! I love all of these so much! Dana and Tim, I adore you two and am so thrilled for you!! Congratulations!!!

To see Dana and Tim’s beautiful spring engagement session, click here!

Venue: Firefighters Postal Lake Club

Dresses: David’s Bridal

Groomsmen Attire: Men’s Wearhouse

Hair Stylist: Pam Garcia

DJ: Jonathon Roth with Music Source

Caterer: Hamilton’s Catering Service

Cake: Christina Johnson and Mary Jo Burris

Donut Wall: Dunkin’ Donuts

Officiant: Rey Bryand

Invitations: Mercedez DeFauw


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