February 26, 2020

You guys…this little man? He steals my entire heart every single time.  While he IS at a tougher age for photographing (parents…it gets better at 3! I PROMISE!) and wanted to explore a little more than take photos, he is such a doll and is the most giggly little man!  I love his parents, I love his story, and I am so thankful to be a tiny part of it!  I photographed his parents wedding years ago and that always makes families extra special to me to have that bond.

Lyndsee and Zach love this little guy so so well.  He is a snuggler, a cuddler, and a laugher, and you can just tell they cannot get enough of him.  I have loved watching their family grow!  Here’s Mr. Harrison, 1.5 years old!

To see Lyndsee+Zach’s maternity photos, click HERE!

Click HERE for Harrison’s newborn photos!

Click HERE for Harrison’s 6 month photos (these are total favorites of mine!)!

Click HERE for Harrison’s 1 year photos!

And for a real look into this beautiful family, click HERE for their wedding photos!!!

Special thanks to my sweet friend Tara (of Tara Long Photography) for letting me use her beautiful studio space for these winter sessions!  She is an amazing local photographer with a huge heart for giving, and I am SO grateful for her friendship!

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