February 28, 2020

I‘ll say it again and again…ages 1-2 are the HARDEST for photos of littles!  Old enough to have plenty of opinions, but too young for a real bribe! Typically in outdoor sessions, I do a lot of playing with the littles at my sessions but that is a little harder in the winter in the studio– so we do what we can!  This sweet family was total troopers, having come once for a session when this little darling blue eyed guy was just not feeling well, so we tried again and while he is still 2…we got some great photos!  This little one is just a few days older than my littlest (and takes to photographing MUCH better overall!), and it always makes it SUCH a joy to see him!  He is ALL little boy, loving everything with wheels (especially construction toys!) with so much energy, and I just would love to play on a big old playground with him someday!  But in the mean time, these sweet photos of him will do- he was giving me all the facial expressions and had me laughing the whole time!

Kelsey and Josh are a Jill Gum Couple, and we go way back to their engagement and wedding, which was an all time favorite!  It makes this family so extra special to me, and I just LOVE capturing these next stages for them!  Kelsey– Your boy is just SO fun, playful, and handsome, and I enjoyed seeing you all SO much!!

Click HERE to see Ethan’s one year session!

Click HERE to see their beautiful outdoor family session!

Click HERE to see Kelsey + Josh’s beautiful engagement session!

Click HERE to see their lovely golf course resort wedding!

Special thanks to my sweet friend Tara (of Tara Long Photography) for letting me use her beautiful studio space for these winter sessions!  She is an amazing local photographer with a huge heart for giving, and I am SO grateful for her friendship!

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