February 10, 2020

While I will always lead people first in my business and my biggest source of joy is from the people I work with and the relationships I get to build as a result of it…I am SUPER girly and I also loooooove all of the “pretty” that comes along with this job!  Flowers, jewelry, dresses, decor, and shoes…give me all the shoes…it is such a fun and highly creative part of the job for me.  It’s not just about capturing the little details that my couples spend so much time (and candidly, money!) choosing and putting together.  It’s about showcasing the overall style of the day, and how those decisions reflect the couple’s style that is so exciting to me!  I work really hard to combine details and put them together in a way that really reflects all of that!

So this post shares all of my favorites, and I can’t wait for you to see them all! Be prepare for a lot of pretty– these brides and grooms of mine (and their amazing planners/coordinators!) have excellent taste!

I also wanted to share these 2 resources that would be super helpful for couples planning weddings all about bridal details!  The first?? Sign up below and grab my free checklist for brides including all of the important (and some surprising!) wedding day-of details you don’t want to forget!

Second, click HERE for an amazing guest post from my amazing friend Marquette all about Bridal Details and why they matter!

And now…on to the photos!!!


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