May 29, 2020

You guys, I always knew that these couples of mine were made of pure gold.  Honestly, I am so so fortunate to get to work with these wonderful people who choose me to document this most important day.  But they way they have been adjusting and dealing with the pandemic situation we are in? It’s absolutely incredible! The thing I have seen as a current through and through: they are making choices for the good of the whole, and moving forward with smiles on their faces.

Clare and Brian defined this for me.  Last weekend, we celebrated their original wedding day with an incredibly beautiful, sweet, intimate family only wedding in Clare’s parents backyard.  They hugely changed their whole plans (hoping for the big party later!) to fit into that afternoon- small catered dinner included- and it honestly just blew me away.  I was only with them for a couple hours of this day, but I teared up about 25 times at the beauty of it all.  And I cannot wait to celebrate with them again when we can.

Here are some of my favorite views and moments!!

This cake topper belonged to Clare’s grandparents! Here comes the bride! Husband and wife!!!!  On the day they dreamed and planned for so long! These moments with family at these more intimate weddings are priceless! You guys, if you know me, you know I LOVE a parade.  So the parade tradition that has taken up during this pandemic has really grabbed my heart…shouldn’t every wedding be celebrated by a parade?!??  This was a GREAT one! First dance!! And of course…a Corona cheers moment during the Corona crisis!  Brian and Clare make the best of every situation, and make everything fun!! Clare and Brian went on to have a sweet dinner with their family, and danced into the evening in a neighbor’s driveway when a surprise band had pre-planned some surprise music to play for them.  I know it wasn’t the exact day they had planned, but not by a long shot.  But my goodness, I also know it was a perfect day that they will remember forever!  I adore you two and can’t wait to celebrate again!!

To view more of Clare and Brian’s beautiful engagement session, click here!

Chuppah: Rose Colored Notion

Bouquet, Crown, and Catering: Hyvee


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