June 9, 2020

Even with everything going on in our world the last couple months with Covid-19, this past year has flown by as quick as ever and sweet Cecilia is ONE!!!  Cecilia is truly one of the most engaging, sweet babies I have ever photographed and just loves the camera.  And her puppies.  And also music.  And her daddy.  And of course, her mama.  And now, I’ve learned she loves cake!  She is so animated and into everything and everyone she is with, and I have seen that in every single session with her.  She is such an active participant in her world and it is just so much fun to witness.  And I think these are my favorite photos of her yet…just hanging out at her house with her favorite people and pups!  And cake😂.

Happy birthday sweet Cecilia!!!

I love this photo so much!

Sweet girl!! Cake time!! Cecilia LOVES her desserts…we have that in common!

Full gallery coming soon!  Megan and Adam, thank you so much for asking me to join this year with you– it has been SO sweet for me!  To see Cecilia’s 8 month session click here, 4 month session click here and to see her newborn session, click here!


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