June 10, 2020

Matt and Meredith’s wedding day was beautiful, intimate, sweet, and exactly what you would imagine of a June wedding. Sunny, warm, and summery!   Like all the recent weddings I have shot…it wasn’t what they had initially planned (coming back for their larger party in October!).  But it was so beautiful.  

There is something so meaningful and sweet about a full big church filled with just your immediate family.  The people who have known you longest, very best.  Meredith and Matt had their brother and sister stand up with them.  Organ music filled the church and candles lit the whole aisle for an audience of 10…and God’s presence was so clearly felt.

Pastor Greg, who was our beloved Pastor of ours while we lived in Springfield (and the Pastor who baptized both E1 and me!) officiated and as usual, gave such a beautiful and meaningful sermon.  He talked about how Meredith, who once interned at the church to work with the young adults, taught the kids about running.  She taught them about how the hardest part about running was putting on your shoes (and as someone who has just woarked out for the past 6 months of her life for the first time, I canNOT agree more).  Making the effort to do that part seems so uphill…and then after that, it gets easier.  It is a remembered action.  Pastor Greg told Meredith and Matt that their marriage will reflect that.  That the challenge is in deciding, day after day (year after year after year) to stay engaged, stay active in their marriage.  To put on their running shoes.  After getting to know Matt and Meredith over the last year…I can truly confidently say that I believe they will make that choice every day for the rest of their lives.

Here are some favorites from their beautiful wedding day…I cannot wait to celebrate more again later!

Meredith’s Grandma’s china for a small family meal!! These first look moments with Meredith’s dad…they were so so sweet. 3 beauties!! I always love when the bride and groom serve communion…but this, communion to their parents and siblings, really moved me even more. MARRIED! I didn’t mention this yet…but Meredith and Matt are pretty darn AWESOME in front of the camera!  It is so natural for them! Also, this bouquet by Petals & Co (link below!) is my new favorite bouquet! It was SO unique and beautiful! SO many favorites! Meredith you are SO gorgeous! Favorite on the right! Meredith and Matt, I am SO SO happy for you and loved being a part of your beautiful day!  Full gallery coming soon, and I can’t wait to celebrate again soon!  Enjoy CO!!

To see Meredith and Matt’s beautiful city engagement session, click here!

We just loved working with Meredith and Matt’s amazing team

Flowers: Petals & Co

Ceremony Venue: St. John’s Lutheran Church

Wedding Dress: Essence of Australia


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